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V-MR2015C Touch keypad lock

- Tempered-glass touch keypad faceplate, fashion, elegance and durable.

- European standard mortise, uplift handle deadbolt, convenient and practical. 
- Unlock ways: ID Card, Password and Mechanical key.
- Passage function: According to the requirement, can set passage (passage lock) function.
- Anti-peeking password function 
- An unique power switch is set on the inside plate, whichstrengthens the safety of lock. 
- Store capacity: Can set 8 group codes, 198 pieces ID card.
- With 9V DC IN port, used for emergency unlocking. 

- Suitable for burglarproof door, steel door, wooden door, ect.

Weatherproof, can install outside door.

-Work voltage: DC6V (4*AA battery)
-Battery Life: over 3000times
-Alarm Voltage: 4.8V
-Emergency power: 9V DC
-Standby current: < 50uA
-Working current: <200mA
-Working Temperature: -10 ~ +50
-Working Humidity: 15% ~95%

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