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Fingerprint Lock #V-FP-B2pro
-Unlock way: Fingperint, MF Card, Passcode, override key, more security.
-Passcode with anti-peek function.
-Multi-mode unlock ways, support card+passcode unlock mode.
-Remote control unlock mode optional.
-Add/delete users on the lock, no need software
-Self-detect, intelligent recognized module.
-PCB module procceed with waterproof, moistureproof, mildewproof
-Low voltage warning function
-Can set Passage mode.
*Unlocking authentication methods: fingerprint, password, sensor card, and mechanical key.
*Fingerprint acquisition window: optical type
*Fingerprint image resolution: 500dpi
*Fingerprint image acquisition time: < 0.5s
*Fingerprint comparison: < 1s
*Fingerprint contrast: 1:N
*Fingerprint recognition rate (FRR): <.001%
*Fingerprint rejection rate (FRP): < 0.1%
*Fingerprint capacity: 1000
*Password capacity: 300 groups
*Card capacity: 300 sheets.
*Open door recording capacity 256
*LED indicates low voltage alarm: < 4.2V
*Real voice: Yes.
*Supply voltage: DC6V
*Current consumption: the peak current is less than 120mA, and the average current is less than 45mA.
*Battery: 4 section AA alkaline battery

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