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WTL-09A Mechanical code lock
This pushbutton mechanical lock does not need any electricity orbatteries. You can use one code at
a time and the code can be changed whenever it’s necessary byremoving the lock from the door and
changing some metal tabs around. The lock is weatherproof thereforemakes it an excellent lock for
side gates, pool gates, side doors and any outdoor application. Itis build extra strong to resist
vandalism while still very easy to use. The Code lock is designed for easy installation and will fit
almost any pre-drilled door with minimal work. 

- Keyless lock

- Great for residential or commercial use.

- Weatherproof.

- No batteries or wiring, fully mechanical pushbutton operation.

- Use 4-6 digit code.

- 11 button keypad provides a total of 2,047 different codes.

- Heavy duty construction.

- Fits standard door prep with minor modification.

- Can be easly adjusted to a right-hand or a left-hand door.

- Satin nickel finish.

- Inside handle always retracts latch for exit.

- Vandal resistant, with stainless steel buttons, and clutchprotection if the outside Handle is foced down.

- Easy code change as often as required.

- Heavy duty grade one latch.

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